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The android spy keyboard has 2 versions, one is black and one is white, the black version runs on Android and higher, while the white version works on.
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However, the update is not yet available to end users as we write. Due to the restricted nature of the iOS platform, there is not much you can do about the vulnerability. The aforementioned technique is very inconvenient as it makes multitasking useless.

10 Best Keylogger for iPhone/iPad (Free, Remote, No-Jailbreak)

There are some third-party keyboards with alternative keymaps in the App Store, so you can type sensitive data into these apps and copy-paste it to banking apps or sites. To achieve much better protection, security measures should be implemented by the banks themselves. This is where Kaspersky Lab comes into play.

Hack keyboard history ( Android keylogger )

A recently announced Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform can be used to strengthen the defenses of mobile banking apps by adding several security layers on top of existing banking app functionality. One of the layers is called Secure Keyboard and addresses the keylogger issue. If your banking app uses Secure Keyboard for sensitive data, letters on the screen are placed in a random order, making it impossible to translate keypress coordinates to a specific letter.

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This effectively renders the described technique useless, protecting your data from criminals. There are other technologies available that protect both desktop and mobile devices from financial threats; you can explore some of them on the Kaspersky Fraud Prevention page.

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